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MMA Production

MMA fight production can provide multiple speaker setups, wireless and wired mics, LED lighting and more for your sporting event. We have simple to elaborate setups and systems to fit your needs and requirements. Our LED lighting is great for when you need lots of lighting with minimal power requirements. We design light shows that fit your needs. We can light up your cage, build an elaborate fighter entrance or both. Build excitement by adding color and movement to the cage between fights then going to full white during announcements and fight rounds. Fighters love walking out to our light shows through a mass of fog. Call out the red corner and watch our lighting turn to red (same for blue corner). When the fighter comes through the entranceway our lights begin motion and color-changing drawing the attention where it needs to be and with the music the fighters choose, the crowd gets "pumped" and ready for action.  We use quality UHF mic systems so the announcer is heard crisp and clear through our JBL speaker systems. We use digital mixing consoles to keep our systems footprint as small as possible while giving us the tools needed to fight feedback during fight time. Our crank stands can lift lighting above the ring for proper lighting coverage or you can go with a more complex design as in the picture below to add style and professionalism in a whole new way. Call a disc jockey to see how we can build a system to your needs.

Missouri MMA DJ
MMA DJ basic ring setup
MMA DJ Production
MMA ring with lights and sound
Missouri DJ
MMA Octagon DJ
Octagon Lighting and Sound
Octagon lighting
MMA Octagon Lighting
MMA Octagon DJ
MMA octagon lighting using crank stands and Rasha LED lights.
Raising truss and lights for Kickboxing ring
Craig Maxey as Light Designer for Kickboxing ring
Lifting truss with LED lights for Kickboxing ring
Rasha RP-1500 vertical foggers
Kickboxing ring lights & truss
Missouri MMA entry way with sound and lighting production company.
MMA Event with moving Rasha Kryos heads, vertical truss and Rasha vertical CO2 foggers.
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